How to Draw a CatHow to Draw a Cat

Ages: 1 to 5 years

Kids can learn to draw a cat in 6 to 8 steps starting from a basic circle and ending with a real new cat friend. We will guide them through this step by step process. Afterwards they can continue with coloring, decorating and adding final touches to their new friends.

iTunesArtworkLet’s Talk | Let’s Draw 1

Ages: 3 and up
  • 67 pages of various interesting questions that both children and parents can answer and discuss
  • 30 pages with variety of shapes ready to turn to whatever kids decide

Let's Talk Let's Draw 2Let’s Talk | Let’s Draw 2

Ages: 3 and up

This app is a starting point for lots of inspiring conversations and hours of creative play.
Ask… Talk… Draw… Tell… Simply sit together and be a part of this incredibly exciting process!

Farm Animals - Activity BookFarm Animals – Activity Book

Ages: 1 to 5 years

Farm Animals Activity Book can easily become your toddler’s favorite app. It is a multilingual app featuring variety of creative activities: Coloring, Drawing, Memory and Sound games.

Wild Animals - Activity BookWild Animals – Activity Book

Ages: 1 to 5 years

Wild Animals – Activity Book is designed with toddlers in mind.
It will engage and entertain the kids through variety of activities: Colouring, Drawing, Memory and Sound games.

My First Riddle BookMy First Riddle Book

Ages: 4 and up

My First Riddle Book is an interactive kids’ book app with 36 pages of funny riddles, charming illustrations and light animations.
It will introduce the kids to the magic of language and figurative speech in a light and playful manner.

Cartoon-Puzzles-ThumbCartoon Puzzles

Ages: 2 and up

Cartoon Puzzles is fun and colourful puzzle game designed for kids aged 2 and up. Kids can choose between over 50 puzzles, 2 modes of gameplay and 3 difficulty levels.

Fantastic-Puzzles-ThumbFantastic Puzzles

Ages: 2 and up

Fantastic Puzzles is a lovely engaging puzzle game for kids 2 years and up. Colourful puzzles and practical features will engage your kid in a rewarding creative process.

Mix & Match ZOOMix & Match ZOO

Ages: 2 and up

Mix & Match Zoo is simple and fun game. Ten friendly animals Lion, Rhino, Giraffe, Mouse, Tiger, Dog, Crocodile, Cat, Snake and Sheep are waiting to be matched.

Mix & Match JobsMix & Match Jobs

Ages: 3 and up

Mix & Match Jobs is an exiting matching game, introducing the kids to a favourite matter.
Most children wonder who are they going to be, when they grow up, so our characters are professionals and kids.